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I love helping people to reboot the energy in their space. I've noticed that sometimes, after a period of transition, the energy levels in our spaces may get sluggish and stagnant. I have a knack of being able to see alternative solutions to floor plans, rooms, and furniture orientation. I can sense where the energy is blocked and unable to 'flow'. As I delve further into the principles and application of Feng Shui I am realising that this has always been where my intuition lies


I have become more and more passionate about our environment, consumerism, and waste, and want to share what I'm learning about the benefits of living intentionally, within our means, sustainably, creatively, and harmoniously within our spaces. I provide insight and advice on creatively re-organising floor plans, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, pantries, wardrobes, garages, or cupboards and am currently engaged in furthering my knowledge in the area of Feng Shui in Interior Design. I am also able to give practical, hands-on help with sustainable decluttering, storage solutions, routine and schedule management. 


From where I'm located in Montrose at the foot of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, I service most of the Eastern Melbourne metro area as well as the Shire of Yarra Ranges and some country areas (Gippsland) by arrangement.

Re-energise your space, and love the life you live

your space, your sanctuary

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